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How to choose the best new bike for your needs  

The prices of motorcycles are free, it sets the game of supply and demand.If you’ve opted for a new bike it is advisable to find the model that best suits your needs among family and friends at the dealership, on the Internet (forums, blogs, websites of manufacturers, etc.) in specialized magazines, etc.

Make a preliminary analysis of needs is a good idea, wondering, for example, by:

Why I want tobuy a bike: a whim, by necessity, to show off.

  • The usethat will make the bike: street jam; Circulation by motorways of the city; field, etc.
  • What kind of biker am I?: Work-only and summer motor; All terrain rider (rain or hail) all year round; How the bike will behave every day to go to work (it is comfortable, consumes a lot, handles well among canned goods, etc.); Carena well on the open road;
  • Themaintenance both in cost and frequency of the reviews (there are more expensive to maintain than other brands); Chain or gimbal transmission.
  • Theconsumption and spending tires and brakes: the bigger the engine, and more aggressive your driving increased consumption, shorter duration of tires and brake pads.
  • Thetaxes levied on the bike: buying (do not pay the same as a small – displacement scooter a 1200 cc) and annually, city tax vehicle mechanical traction.
  • Theinsurance: you know that the motorcycle insurance is prohibitively so, valued the cost of an extended third party insurance legal defense, claims for damages, fire and theft.

  • Therisk of theft: the 600 competition are highly demanded by the burglars, and must be provided with traps, chains, and several security elements.
  • Thecommercial guarantee extra that gives us the manufacturer, the legal guarantee of two years (if new).
  • Theequipment of the bike: hood, trunk compartment under the seat on a scooter, etc.
  • Thenecessary kit: riding a bike is very risky. In addition to the helmet, it is necessary to wear protections on shoulders, elbows, back, and if possible on knees, ankles, and feet (good boots).


It is the fastest transportation option in the city (however, in some cases the speed of travel is associated with risky or illegal maneuvers on the roads).

  1. With the commercial strategies of suppliers and banks, the motorcycle is an affordable investment.
  2. It allows choosing several routes to the same destination.
  3. It is economical compared to other motorized transportation options.
  4. The motorcycle demands little parking space.
  5. It is a financially viable private transportation option.
  6. Can be used as a means of work.
  7. It is competitive with public transport when more than 3 trips a day
  8. Maintenance is economical.
  9. Functional in different topographic conditions.


The risk of the accident, as the user is exposed.

  1. Conflict on the road with other vehicles.
  2. Insecurity in the streets.
  3. Limitations on safe parking.
  4. Circulation problems due to poor drainage during urban rain.
  5. The city has not defined a specific infrastructure for motorcyclists.